Contract Review and Cost Recovery

We right the costly vendor wrongs.

Even vendors with the best of intentions make mistakes. Sometimes contract rates are incorrectly loaded, items are mistakenly placed in the wrong price category, or vendor system changes inadvertently cause a rate increase. Pricing that’s incorrect or inconsistent with contractual terms can likewise cost you significantly. Rarely do purchasers have the time and resources to fully review contracts and invoices to prevent these types of expensive mistakes. But we do.

At Cost Reduction Analysts, Inc., we have over 20 years of experience rectifying and recovering lost revenue due to improper invoicing or improper application of contractual terms. We have the capabilities and knowledge to review even the most complex invoices and rate structures for consistency and accuracy. That’s because our legal and accounting skills enable us to perform a detailed contract compliance review. Clients spend an enormous amount of up-front time and effort reviewing vendor contracts and negotiating terms. We confirm that you’re maximizing the benefits of those negotiated terms by ensuring you’re charged accurate prices and not being subjected to additional fees and costs. Best of all, we convey our findings to you in a direct, concise manner, and we keep you involved and informed of our progress on each project.

Our expert team can save public and private sector purchasers from unnecessary expenditures by:

  • performing detailed contract and invoice reviews to identify pricing errors
  • performing an accounts payable review
  • recommending strategic process improvements to prevent future overpayments
  • obtaining related refunds for our clients
  • negotiating more beneficial pricing structures
  • improving your analysis of vendor usage data

Overcharges happen everyday.

To learn more about how CRA can review and recover costs in the public or private sector, contact us today.