Reverse Auction Procurement

An easy way to achieve hard dollar savings

To optimally purchase at the best price possible you need contacts and you need leverage. We provide both. Cost Reduction Analysts has teamed with the global, fully-managed reverse auction procurement company, eBridge Business Solutions, LLC. eBridge creates efficiencies through a real-time, secured electronic bidding process that delivers hard dollar savings to our customers’ bottom lines. Reverse auctions remove unnecessary costs and inefficiencies from the supply chain and are critical for companies to embrace during these economic times. eBridge has run over 1,300 reverse auctions, and has effectively worked with private sector and government buyers to determine how best to integrate fully-managed reverse auctions into their purchasing processes. In turn, clients realize remarkable financial results.

The advantages of fully managed reverse auctions are substantial:

  • Average savings of 14% versus established budget
  • Average of 6 participating suppliers per event
  • Niche market in procurement technology
  • Transacted approximately 1,300 reverse auctions across U.S.
  • $100,000 event minimum
  • Average auction volume $1.9 million
  • No direct costs
  • No need to invest in new hardware or software

Taking a holistic approach to the reverse auction process, our spend analysis provides a comprehensive report of items that are a fit for the reverse auction process. And if they aren’t-we’ll tell you. The analysis is conducted by our team of procurement professionals. Leveraging their 40 years of combined experience, we identify items on your purchasing schedule that are the right items for the process and structure bids to achieve remarkable results.

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